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Which one is the best Bulk SMS provider company in Delhi ?

Now a days the equation of business have been change. It’s necessary to stay connected with your employees, staff and customers. If you are running a school, playschool, daycare, institute or a coaching center then you have to be connected with your students and their parents. Bulk SMS service is the only way to reach out more and more peoples in one click on your PC as we know the mobile revolution in present time.

bulk sms provider company in delhi
Bulk SMS Software


Somoro Innovation Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best Bulk SMS provider company in Delhi .

Somoro IT provides Promotional SMS and also Transactional SMS with minimum possible prices. If I speak Frankly about Bulk SMS provider company in Delhi , there are so many companies in a queue with same features and prices but the question is which one should you choose and why?

The answer would be that gives you more. Actually there is always one thing that leads over quality, quantity and prices. What is that? That is SUPPORT. Are you satisfied with support or help of any one of them then you should choose that one. 24/7 support is ok with writing in our company profile but if it is fact then I always give priority to that company.

Features of Bulk SMS Software

  • You can sent SMS on a single number or multi numbers in one click
  • You can check sent SMS history and delivery report at the same time.
  • You can add/edit groups.
  • There is no need to add numbers one by one you can use all the list at one time with simple copy and paste.
  • Excel import export options are there.
  • You can use Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS services at same software.
  • You can manage your multiple institution centers with same software.
  • Tips to promotion, support and training is available with free of cost.


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Why do we need Bulk SMS Service for our business?

Bulk SMS Services can be defined as a “Cheapest Promotion Feature” for your business. In these days companies are struggling to get new clients with their exclusive offers due to heavy competition. The Internet is helping a lot to reach new people but somehow there are always some restrictions with Internet. You know very well that there are lot of peoples who are not on internet, possibilities to reach out to those people begin with Bulk SMS Service.

bulk sms service in delhi
Bulk SMS Services

You can’t take chance to leave any possible way which goes to your customer specially in these days. There are too much products similar to yours with better quality and quantity so why would people like to take yours? The simple answer is due to your marketing strategy, due to your promotion activities, due to your presentation, due to your control on customers mind but these things work only when you reach to your customer. And Bulk SMS software is the tool to spread your message around the world about your product.

bulk smsIs it so easy?

No. It’s not. You must work with all other possibilities too. You should use a good website, seo services, local marketing, holdings, banners etc. for your products but you can start with bulk sms as it is cheapest, fastest and effective promotion feature.

In other way you should always spread your business signature as much as possible so when you use a piece of paper to write you must use your letter head and when you use a text message you must send it with unique sender id which present your business signature.

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Abacus Maths

Abacus maths contains basically four operations: count, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Abacus is based on two types of beads one is heaven and another is earth. Top row beads have the value of 5 and bottom row beads have the value of 1.

abacus maths
Abacus Maths

If we want to add two numbers like 5 and 3 then we can use one bead from top side and other 3 beads from bottom and get 8.

Column represents place value like units, tens, hundreds etc. Decimal place also can be used in abacus. Abacus maths learning is very useful for kids. Abacus is simple and very effective calculation utility and some time more faster then calculator. Counting can be started as placing a bead on the up position and then second and so no.

Because top beads have the value 5 so we can count 5 as placing top bead down and six as placing one bead from top and one from bottom.

For 10,11 we can use second column as tens place value and so on.

Now we see the addition and subtraction. For example you want to add 854 and 675 with abacus so you have to place 4 in first column then 5 in tens place in second column and then 8 in third column. Now for addition you will add 6 in 8 first. In abacus addition would be done from left to right unlike mathematical rule. So in third column you will add 6 as placing one bead from top side and one from bottom and then move to add 5 and 7.

For carry you will place bead on next column and would down all the beads on same column.



Time is money. Isn’t is?

Abacus is the fastest calculation technique for large numbers. Actually abacus is a child play technique, child love to learn it and also become curious about it.


Imagine, the mathematics problem 34533*45645645+7645767*65465456, how much time is required for this problem. Generally it will take some time but with abacus and vedic maths it can be calculated within seconds in mind.

Give some time to learn abacus, just one hour a day and you will be master in Abacus or in Mental Arithmetic technique. It helps also in improving deep concentration and patience.

As much as you practice, you will be more strong and sharp in abacus maths. Abacus maths learning is an interesting task. Abacus books are available now a day in which you can learn abacus techniques very easily.

Research has proved that one who strong enough in abacus and vedic maths is actually activating mind with new dimensions and it increases your brain capacity. Abacus software is also available for learning Abacus mathematical calculations.

What is Abacus ?

Before you start learning abacus techniques , I would like to tell you’re the history of abacus and vedic maths.

Abacus comes from the word abax or abakon. Which means “table” or “tablet”. When modern computer was not invented yet, abacus was a computing machine in Chines and widely used.

It has been a computing tool for thousand years in business and educational fields.

Abacus is actually an instrument which is used in addition, substraction, multiplication and division. There are many types of abacus but the basic rules are same in all the abacus instruments. In Chinese abacus there are two types of beads. One is Heaven beads and another is earth beads. Two beads in the upper side (upper deck) is known heaven beads and 5 beads in the lower side (lower deck) is known earth beads.

Heaven bead contains the value of 5 while earth bead have the value of 1.

Abacus is basically to expand the brain usage of children of small ages. It makes maths learning easy and effective.

Functions of Abacus:

There are four major functions of abacus like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. But it also works with decimal places and negative numbers.


Abacus does not help only in these functions but it activate the child brain and help them in visualization, visualization means they can use abacus in their hand. There is no need to use words for these functions. Another advantage is concentration, They concentrate easily with abacus. Another most important advantage of abacus is logical reasoning. There is needed logical reasoning in abacus functions so child develop their reasoning power with a simple instrument of abacus.