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Which one is the best Bulk SMS provider company in Delhi ?

Now a days the equation of business have been change. It’s necessary to stay connected with your employees, staff and customers. If you are running a school, playschool, daycare, institute or a coaching center then you have to be connected with your students and their parents. Bulk SMS service is the only way to reach out more and more peoples in one click on your PC as we know the mobile revolution in present time.

bulk sms provider company in delhi
Bulk SMS Software


Somoro Innovation Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best Bulk SMS provider company in Delhi .

Somoro IT provides Promotional SMS and also Transactional SMS with minimum possible prices. If I speak Frankly about Bulk SMS provider company in Delhi , there are so many companies in a queue with same features and prices but the question is which one should you choose and why?

The answer would be that gives you more. Actually there is always one thing that leads over quality, quantity and prices. What is that? That is SUPPORT. Are you satisfied with support or help of any one of them then you should choose that one. 24/7 support is ok with writing in our company profile but if it is fact then I always give priority to that company.

Features of Bulk SMS Software

  • You can sent SMS on a single number or multi numbers in one click
  • You can check sent SMS history and delivery report at the same time.
  • You can add/edit groups.
  • There is no need to add numbers one by one you can use all the list at one time with simple copy and paste.
  • Excel import export options are there.
  • You can use Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS services at same software.
  • You can manage your multiple institution centers with same software.
  • Tips to promotion, support and training is available with free of cost.


Call on 9958411599 to get bulk sms

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