abacus maths

Abacus Maths

Abacus maths contains basically four operations: count, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Abacus is based on two types of beads one is heaven and another is earth. Top row beads have the value of 5 and bottom row beads have the value of 1.

abacus maths
Abacus Maths

If we want to add two numbers like 5 and 3 then we can use one bead from top side and other 3 beads from bottom and get 8.

Column represents place value like units, tens, hundreds etc. Decimal place also can be used in abacus. Abacus maths learning is very useful for kids. Abacus is simple and very effective calculation utility and some time more faster then calculator. Counting can be started as placing a bead on the up position and then second and so no.

Because top beads have the value 5 so we can count 5 as placing top bead down and six as placing one bead from top and one from bottom.

For 10,11 we can use second column as tens place value and so on.

Now we see the addition and subtraction. For example you want to add 854 and 675 with abacus so you have to place 4 in first column then 5 in tens place in second column and then 8 in third column. Now for addition you will add 6 in 8 first. In abacus addition would be done from left to right unlike mathematical rule. So in third column you will add 6 as placing one bead from top side and one from bottom and then move to add 5 and 7.

For carry you will place bead on next column and would down all the beads on same column.

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